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Tooth Extraction

Scheduled Appointment for Tooth Extraction

When your tooth/child’s milk tooth is exfoliating and begins to wobble, please contact us to schedule a dental appointment for the tooth extraction.

Extraction day

On the day of extraction, present your LIFECARD to clinic’s assistant for verification of account details. The card will be returned to you. If you are visiting the clinic for the first time, present your copy of the NRIC/Child’s birth certificate for clinic registration.

The Tooth Collection Kit (if issued) is to be brought by you to the dentist on the day of extraction. The dentist will extract the tooth in line with standard dentistry procedure. Our operations representative will be present on site to collect the extracted tooth with the Tooth Collection Kit and deliver it to our laboratory for processing and cryopreservation.
Once your/your child's stem cells are successfully collected and securely stored, you will receive a 'Certificate of Storage'.

*It is advisable to have the tooth extraction appointment in the morning. 

Tooth Collection Kit

Prolife Biobank's Tooth Collection Kits have been validated to maintain sample temperature at appropriate levels for >48 hours, even when exposed to constant, high external temperatures. The kit's device is FDA-approved and ADA-accepted for the transport of knocked-out teeth for re-implantation. The device contains a sterile, buffered solution that protects the tooth during shipping. It helps protect the dental pulp in your sample in transit to our lab.