Dental Professionals

“The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the emerging field of regenerative medicine and encourages dentists to follow future evidence-based literature in order to educate parents about the collection, storage, viability, and use of dental stem cells with respect to autologous regenerative therapies. As the technology continues to evolve, the process of procurement of dental stems cells should be accomplished only with deliberate integrity and appropriate informed consent to assure the highest ethical standards and quality of outcomes.“

AAPD Policy on Stem Cells
Adopted 2008
Revised 2013

What does AAPD’s Policy on Stem Cells mean for your patients and your practice?

Learn about the critical role dental professionals will play in regenerative dentistry and medicine.

Executive Summary.
(I) Stem cells have been used in medicine for over 50 years. (II.) Around the world, dental stem cells are being investigated for a range of dental and medical applications. Two human clinical studies have demonstrated proof of concept, and a broad portfolio is emerging for clinical applications that could potentially benefit a majority of the population. (III) Teeth that come out naturally (exfoliated or extracted) can serve as a source of these potent stem cells. (IV) Parents and patients need to know accurate information so they can make informed decisions about this technology for themselves or for their children. (V) Pediatric dentists have the opportunity to play several unique and important roles in this emerging field.

Materials for Dental Surgeons

Materials for Patient Education and Tooth Collection
✔ Informational brochures
✔ Educational tools and materials
✔ FDA-approved, ADA-accepted tooth transport device

Continuous Support Tools
✔ Phone support
✔ Dedicated biobanker to follow up with your patients
✔ Talk & seminar, event, study club
✔ Continuous updates on science advancement and dental stem cells research progress
✔ CPE points awarded for Dental Stem Cells workshop participation

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